Welcome, RE/MAX® Agents!

We deeply value our relationship with RE/MAX®. As an approved supplier since 1996, Magnets USA, along with our gift shop LifeLong Gifts, is here for you! We worked closely with RE/MAX® during its exciting rebrand to bring you fresh designs that follow all the new guidelines — so you can feel good knowing the marketing pieces you order from Magnets USA are compliant and consistent.

See what Magnets USA and LifeLong Gifts can do for you:

Generate Strong Leads

Our famous magnetic tear-off calendars, sports schedules and notepads help you reach more potential clients per dollar. We can also create a targeted mailing list for you.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

Our product lineup makes it easy, fun and affordable to reach out to clients multiple times a year, meaning your brand and excellent service is always front-and-center.

Foster Client Loyalty

Our gift boutique LifeLong Gifts helps agents say "thank you" with high-quality, engraved cutlery, cutting boards and other useful gifts that encourage repeat business.

Use code MVP21RM at checkout to unlock an additional discount on top of Magnets USA's monthly special prices!

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