Welcome, RE/MAX® Agents!

We deeply value our relationship with RE/MAX®. As an approved supplier since 1996, Magnets USA®, along with our gift shop LifeLong Gifts™, is here for you! We've worked closely with RE/MAX® over the years to consistently bring you fresh designs that follow branding guidelines. So, you can feel good knowing the marketing pieces you order from Magnets USA™ are compliant and consistent.

Learn how Magnets USA® and LifeLong Gifts™ Can Serve Your Real Estate Marketing Needs:

Generate Strong Leads

Our famous magnetic tear-off calendars, sports schedules and magnetic notepads help you reach more potential clients per dollar. We can also create a targeted mailing list for you to help you reach new prospects.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

Our product lineup makes it fun and affordable to reach out to clients multiple times a year. With the ability to customize every product we sell with your real estate branding, we make it easy to showcase your services and keep you front-and-center.

Foster Client Loyalty

Our gift boutique LifeLong Gifts™ helps real estate agents say "thank you" with high-quality, engraved kitchen cutlery, wood cutting boards and other useful client gifts that encourage repeat business and referrals.

Shop Recommended RE/MAX® Products from Our Family of Brands

Our family of brands include the tools you need to succeed. From branded marketing materials to engraved clients gifts and custom greeting cards, we provide a one stop shopping solution to help you advertise, nurture relationships and generate leads that are at the heart of your business. In addition, as a valued RE/MAX® agent, we also provide additional savings opportunites.

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Magnets USA®

In addition to our promotional calendars, Magnets USA® also offers a full line of other magnetic products. These promotional real estate products are built around your needs to reach more clients than ever before!

Magnetic Notepads

Branded notepads are inexpensive, practical and provide the recognition you want. Offer both existing clients and prospects a different magnetic notepad every quarter to mix things up and keep your name fresh in their minds.

RE/MAX® Box & Bottle Opener

Expand your networking reach to thank customers and gain referrals with RE/MAX® balloon logo bottle openers. Our durable, custom metal bottle openers make a useful and functional client gift idea for home buyers.

2023 Magnetic Calendars

A customer favorite, our calendar magnets up present dozens of ideas to elevate your marketing strategy. Available in multiple cover designs and themes, our house-shaped toppers are the perfect choice for REALTORS® and agents.

LifeLong Gifts™

Launched in 2014 to provide more of the tools you need for success, LifeLong Gifts™ offers an extensive range of high quality, personalized gifts. These gifts are perfect for closings, referrals, and corporate gifts.

Promotional Pizza Cutters

Generate fresh leads or say thank you with our branded pizza cutter package! Featuring either your business logo or a fun design, these custom kitchen tools come displayed in a fun, pint-sized delivery box for a polished presentation.

Classic Cake & Pie Knife

Engraved serving ware offers a unique, personalized gift for every client! This custom cake and pie knife comes beautifully presented in a wooden box that's ideal reward for referrals or customer appreciation.

Ulu Elite™ Knife with Bowl Board

A best-selling closing gift from REALTORS®, this revolutionary cutting tool will change the way you prep food forever. Pair it with a patented Ulu-Mate™ Bowl Board for a phenomenal appreciation gift for your top customers.

Minute Mail Gifts

Discover how our innovative personalized cards and gifts can help propel your business forward by establishing meaningful connections. It's a quick and easy way to start building life long relationships with both new and existing customers.

Referral Thank You Cards

An easy way to show appreciation for referrals is to send referral thank you cards. Not only will you get a positive response from customers, but you will also strengthen your business relationships and open the door to repeat business.

(How to Say Thank You for a Real Estate Referral)

Happy Home Anniversary Cards

Our line of home anniversary cards for realtors make it easy to wish homeowners a happy homevesary. Created and schedule a card marking a buyer’s first year in their new home the day you close as an easy way to gain referrals down the line.

(Happy Housiversary Messages)

Thinking of You Cards

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to build trust. Therefore, we suggest sending personalized thinking of you cards as a strategic way to grow your real estate business, build solid relationships, and gain referrals.

(Reasons to Send Thinking of You Cards)

Have questions or need help getting started? Our marketing plan for real estate is a great resource to help you create an advertising budget and know which promotional products to buy throughout the year. Or give us a call at (800) 869-7562 and one of our sales specialists will be happy to assist you.