Let's go way back...


Magnets USA began in 1990 as a one-man show in an old hatchback. With very little money and a whole lot of passion, founder Dale Turner traveled from Roanoke to Phoenix, stopping in almost every town along the way to pitch his magnetic business card. “I found that people loved them,” says Dale, who still serves as president of Magnets USA.

“When I started the company, I didn’t expect it to turn into what it is today,” Dale says. "It’s amazing to me that we now have a company that provides so many with employment, a company that has tens of thousands of customers — customers that really do like us. We have a great family atmosphere here, a place where we can talk and express our ideas and come up with the future for Magnets USA.”

From these humbling beginnings, Magnets USA has grown into the major promotional magnet supplier for the real estate industry, as well as many other small businesses and organizations.
Since our inaugural year, we have had the top-selling magnetic calendar line in the real estate industry. Soon after the calendars came magnetic sports schedules, which rank as our No. 2 product.


LifelongGifts is born. As our customers’ needs evolve, so, too, does our product line. In 2014, we recognized a need for high-quality, personalized gifts that could be used as closing, referral and corporate gifts. That’s when our gift boutique LifeLong Gifts was born. It has been extremely rewarding and humbling watching this little idea grow into an expansive lineup of heirloom-quality cutlery, cutting boards and other gifts. LifeLong Gifts has been one of our greatest adventures!


Few things are as impactful as when you receive a handwritten note in the mail - especially in this increasingly digital age - and it was from a desire to make sending notecards easier than ever that the idea for Minute Mail Gifts was born.

The design was simple: select a card for the occasion, type out a message, enter the recipient's address, hit send, and a few days later that recipient would get a real notecard in the mail! But what truly made this product special was the selection of fonts that gave the impression that the card had been handwritten. There is even an option to create your very own typeface based on your own handwriting

Shortly after launching, the global pandemic hit and suddenly it became more important than ever to find ways to stay connected. That’s when Minute Mail Gifts hit its stride. It was already great for staying on top of birthdays, well wishes, and thank you cards, but it also allowed for a convenient way to send mail without needing to go to a post office or get stamps.

Since its creation Minute Mail Gifts has become one of the most popular ways to foster and maintain the deep and personal relationships that are so important in life.


Over the past few years, we have been blessed to continue to grow as a company, overcoming the many challenges that the world has faced along the way, and we recognize that it was only through the support and dedication from our valued customers that this has been possible. Looking forward, our goals are to further nurture these relationships by helping our customers thrive, because it is through their successes that we measure our own. We are incredibly proud and grateful to be a pillar in our community's economy as a small business with 60+ full-time employees and over 35,000 customers across the continent. We are excited to persist in doing our utmost to create brand new products that will help our client's businesses and relationships grow into the future and beyond.


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    We are flexible and we listen. We listen ceaselessly. If a need arises, we fill it. If something isn’t working, we do our best to fix it. We aren’t afraid to change our strategies, and as a family-owned company, we have the flexibility to do all this quickly.

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    Not only do we keep jobs in the Roanoke Valley, but we have made significant contributions to help local nonprofits. Recipients have included the Roanoke Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity of the Roanoke Valley, and Roanoke Valley Christian Schools. Community is truly the heart of our magnets.

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    With our company commitment to community, a can-do attitude and passion to get the job done the right way, we have overcome numerous challenges. These challenges have provided us with the most talented work force to date. Combine that superb work force with our industry-leading product line, and we’ve got a recipe for success for many years to come.