1-Team Bump-Shaped Baseball Schedule Magnet Card

Size: 3.5" x 8.75"

Discover the 1-Team Bump-Shaped Baseball Schedule Magnet, a distinctive and effective tool for your real estate marketing strategy.

This magnet, featuring a unique bump-shaped design with a subtle rounded protrusion on the upper right corner, is ideal for eye-catching refrigerator placement. The beautiful, full-color printed design showcases your custom-made business information, merging your brand with the season schedule of the most popular baseball team in your area. Crafted for both visual appeal and durability, this magnet ensures your services and name are not just seen but remembered by potential clients. Not only is this product great for visibility, but it's also easy to mail, allowing you to effortlessly maintain connections with previous clients and broaden your reach to new prospects.

Invest in this innovative appreciation gift today and experience a significant boost in your client engagement and business growth.

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Design and Format:

  • Unique Die-Cut Bump-Shaped Magnetic Topper.
  • 1-Team Format: Tailored design focusing on a single team.
  • Exclusive Backer: Includes a Home Account Info write-in chart for added utility.
  • Printed Personalization: Customizable with your business details.

Printing and Material Quality:

  • Brilliant Full-Color Printing: Ensures vibrant and eye-catching visuals.
  • Printed on Sturdy Card Stock: Guarantees durability and longevity.

Magnetic Features:

  • Strong Magnetic Strip: Securely adheres to metallic surfaces, ensuring constant visibility.
  • Non-Toxic Magnet: Safe for use in all home environments.

Mailing and Packaging:

  • Mails for 1 oz. (First Class Postage): Cost-effective and easy to distribute.
  • Envelopes Not Included.

Quality Assurance:

  • 100% Quality Guaranteed: Commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction.