Baseball Shaped Magnet

Printed Magnet

Hit a marketing home run this season with our freshly designed Baseball-Shaped Magnet. Feature your community's favorite baseball team on a magnet they'll keep even after the season's over. The full-color printed design makes it easy to look ahead at each exciting game, all while your business information sits discreetly underneath, reminding clients how thoughtful you were to send them such a practical and thoughtful gift.

Expand your reach, improve client relations, and grow your business with Magnetic Baseball Schedules this spring!

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Design and Format:

  • Unique Round Die-Cut Shape.
  • 1-Team Format: Tailored design focusing on a single team.
  • Printed Personalization: Customizable with your business details.

Printing and Material Quality:

  • Brilliant Full-Color Printing: Ensures vibrant and eye-catching visuals.
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials possible and made in the USA.

Magnetic Features:

  • 100% Magnetic Coverage on the Reverse Side: Securely adheres to metallic surfaces, ensuring constant visibility.
  • Non-Toxic Magnet: Safe for use in all home environments.

Mailing and Packaging:

  • Mails for 2 oz. (First Class Postage): Cost-effective and easy to distribute.
  • Fits Square #6 Envelope: Envelopes Not Included.

Quality Assurance:

  • 100% Quality Guaranteed: Commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction