Magnetic Football Schedules Fun. Affordable. Effective.

See what we offer and learn what makes ours the very best.

Built-in Fan Base

Football schedules cater to an appreciative audience, creating a sense of community around your brand. The areas you service are packed with fans!

Freedom to Choose

You can feature up to six teams on your schedule, in any order you'd like. You can even show high school, college and pro teams on the same schedule.

Party in the Back

Instead of a boring white space, we use the back of our magnetic cards for Monday Night and postseason schedules. That's more bang for your buck!

Unmatched Quality

Our schedules feature smooth, die-cut corners and durable gloss-coating. This makes you look like you spent way more on your marketing than you did!

Ok, so there are 6 main types of Magnets USA Football Schedules:

Within each type are tons of sizes, shapes and designs. Click to see more.

Personalized Full Magnets

For those who want extra magnet strength, or a helmet or football shape. Mails for 2 oz. postage

Personalized Magnet Cards

A customer favorite, these feature special backers. Conference schedule shown. Mails for 1 oz. postage

Peel 'n Stick

Attach your own business cards for a budget-friendly option. Great for bulk office orders. Mails for 1 oz. postage


No envelopes required with our self-mailing schedules! Mails for 1 oz. postage

Every Door Direct Mail™ Magnets

Extra-large and designed to work with USPS Every Door Direct Mail™, these mail for drastically reduced rates. Backer features Monday Night schedule and a note from you. Postage rates vary

Every Door Direct Mail™ Cards

Same as our EDDM magnets, sans the magnet. EDDM schedules are a hassle-free, affordable solution to farming new areas. Postage rates vary

Need ideas for using Football Schedules in your community? Read our crash-course!