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Magnets, Products & Services

What is your product guarantee?

Magnets USA products are 100% Quality Guaranteed. In the very rare case of defective material or workmanship, contact our customer service department at (800) 869-7562 for replacement or credit.

Are your magnets made in America?

Yes, all of our flexible magnetic products are made in America.

What is a Peel ’n Stick magnet?

This money-saving magnet comes with removable adhesive for you to adhere your own business card.

What is printed personalization?

Products with printed personalization arrive printed with your contact information directly on the product for a seamless and professional look. You can save valuable time when you upgrade to printed personalization, because we do the work for you.

What safety standards do your magnets conform to?

Magnets USA manufactured flexible magnet products are non-toxic. They are made with magnetic material that conforms to certified toy safety standards for heavy metal content.

How thick are your magnets?

Most of our indoor magnet products are made using a sturdy 20 mil. base magnet material. Finished products are about 26 mil. Car magnets are made using a 35 mil. magnet material to stand up to outdoor conditions. Finished car magnets are about 38 mil.

Do your magnets stick to stainless steel refrigerators?

Magnets adhere to ferrous surfaces with iron only. Refrigerator magnets will not stick to some stainless steel appliances. We offer Stik-Anywhere™ as a solution to this issue. Stik-Anywhere is a reusable adhesive strip that is safe to stick to any surface.

What surfaces do car magnets stick to?

Better question: What surfaces will car magnets NOT stick to? Car door magnets will not adhere to aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel body panels or non-metallic body fillers.

How long do your car magnets last?

Our car magnets carry an 18-month fade-resistant warranty. They are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

How many sheets of paper can your magnets hold up?

Our largest magnets can hold between 2-4 pieces of paper. Some smaller magnets, such as the sign shaped magnet can only hold one piece at a time.

How do I mail my magnets?

Our magnetic calendars meet USPS guidelines for automation rates. Magnets in envelopes may face either the address or non-address side, but must be right justified when looking at the address. Product must not shift more than a half-inch from any edge, in any direction. The total weight of the magnet, envelope and contents may not exceed 1 oz. to qualify for the lowest First Class rate. A non-automation surcharge may apply. Check with your local mail service center before mailing.

Do you offer a mailing service?

Yes. We have a mail-fulfillment service with the ability to print your mailing and return addresses, print your postal indicia, insert your product in printed envelopes, seal envelopes and deliver to the United States Postal Service. We can mail some or all of your order.

What is the minimum ordering service?

Most of our magnets are sold in quantities of 100 with a minimum order of 100 pieces.

Can your magnets be used outdoors?

Only car door magnets or custom shaped car magnets are suitable for outdoor use.