Racing Schedules

Stock car racing is gaining more and more fans every year. With a season that runs February through November, Racing Schedule Magnets offer you an opportunity to market 10 months out of the year for one low price. Hurry, before the competition laps you.

Why our racing schedules are superior:

  • Available in 3 die-cut shapes, including house and bump
  • Extra-large EDDM® formats are perfect for farming new areas
  • Vibrant, unique designs draw immediate attention
  • February through November marketing

6 Products

Magnetic Racing Schedule

Standard Shape | Magnetic Card


$0.56 Each
Full Magnet Racing Schedule

Standard Shape | Full Magnet


$0.76 Each
Magnetic Racing Schedule — House Shape

House Shape | Magnetic Card


$0.56 Each
Full Magnet Racing Schedule

House Shape | Full Magnet


$0.76 Each
Magnetic Racing Schedule — Bump Shape

Bump Shape | Magnetic Card


$0.56 Each
Full Magnet Racing Schedule

Bump Shape | Full Magnet


$0.76 Each