Golf Schedules

Share the camaraderie and pleasantries of golf with your current and potential clients. Mail your schedules or leave them in local sports and pro shops to generate new leads.

Why our golf schedules are a hole-in-one:

  • Appeal to loyal golf fans
  • Crisp, gloss-coated schedules catch the right attention
  • Available in 2 die-cut shapes for a professional look
  • 10 months of exposure for a low investment

4 Products

Magnetic Golf Schedule - Standard

Standard Magnet | Magnetic Card


As low as $0.47 Each
Magnetic Golf Schedule - House Shaped

House Shape | Magnetic Card


As low as $0.47 Each
Peel 'N Stick Magnetic Golf Schedule

Peel and Stick | Magnetic Card


As low as $0.47 Each
Magnetic Golf Schedule Self-Mailer

Self Mailer | Magnetic Card


As low as $0.61 Each