Football Schedule Magnets

Roughly 111 million Americans watch professional football. With football drawing the most die-hard fans, why not give your community a handy football schedule magnet?

Why buy now?

  • Lowest prices of the year!
  • FREE upgrade to special shaped schedules
  • FREE gloss-coating to enhance color and durability
  • Special offers on football-themed envelopes

Why our football schedules are a game-changer:

  • We give you the freedom to feature up to six teams, in any order you like
  • 8 die-cut shapes available to make you stand out
  • Include high school, college and professional teams on the same schedule
  • Personalize your schedule for FREE with our online Build-It tool
  • Add football Personalized Inserts, Stik-Anywhere adhesive and full mailing services for a truly powerful marketing package

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