Car Magnets

Promote your business on the go or show support for your child's sports team with a high-quality car magnet. Don't see what you need? Create your very own Custom Car Magnet by uploading a print-ready file or hiring our professional design team make one for you.

Please note: When ordering Car Magnets, please verify that the part of your vehicle where you are placing the magnet is truly metal. Some vehicle manufacturers are now using aluminum to decrease vehicle weight. Magnets will not stick to aluminum.x Other possible surface area issues arise from aftermarket fiberglass replacement parts or areas repaired with Bondo®. We recommend taking a lightweight refrigerator magnet and test the area where you intend to apply the car magnet to make sure it will adhere.

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Congratulations Grad Car Magnet

Size: 13.5" x 9"


As low as $14.50 Each