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How to get the most from your Magnets USA calendars

Magnetic calendars are different than other forms of personal promotion. Yes, they create awareness, but they also help build the relationships that build your business, unlike other forms of "throw-away" advertising. Clients love magnetic calendars. They put them on their refrigerators and other places around their home or office. They refer to them every day. What other form of advertising has a 12-month life cycle and provides a valuable service?

Make magnetic calendars the anchor of your annual marketing plan.

Real estate agents should be in contact with their clients and prospects four to six times per year. Magnetic calendars are the top-selling personal promotional magnet among real estate agents. Start your annual marketing plan by mailing magnetic calendars to everyone on your list. Our real estate magnetic calendars feature home buying and selling tips, ample space for notes, and a referral page to generate re-orders and leads.

Always choose printed personalization for the most polished business image.

You can't accomplish your marketing goals if you present a poor business image. Always print your personalization information on the magnet. We pioneered printed personalization for magnetic calendars with the business card magnet. It's always on straight and always puts your best image forward.

Let us mail your calendars for you.

Don't waste your time stuffing and sealing your calendars in mailing envelopes. We can do it for you. Learn more with our Guide to Mailing Services or call Customer Service at 800.869.7562. We can print your envelopes with your return address, return and mailing addresses, and with or without postal indicia. We stuff the calendars for you and send them to you. We can print the envelopes, stuff, seal and deliver them to the post office. It's easy — just upload your return address and mailing list while you are uploading your contact information for personalization.

Choose specialty calendars for unique clients or groups on your list.

When you cater to clients' interests, you'll build more lasting and valued relationships. Think about your clients. Would some prefer a calendar with recipes, planning blocks or inspiring quotes? Don't forget about your senior clients and busy moms, who might prefer a Jumbo Magnetic Calendar with larger planning blocks and note spaces.

Be consistent.

Make sure your clients know that you're still in business by mailing out magnetic calendars every year. Your clients will look forward to receiving them. It's the repetition that counts most.

Replace holiday greeting cards with magnetic calendars.

Our famous calendars are designed with greeting card-style covers. Some have embossed foiling to capture a premium greeting card appearance. Send a magnetic calendar with a greeting card cover, mailed in a companion envelope with a seasonal message and a coordinating envelope seal, and you have a holiday greeting that will last all year. You can also add a friendly holiday message with Personalized Inserts.

Order early and save.

Magnetic calendar prices increase as the year progresses, so order as early in the year as possible. June is your best bet for the lowest price. We also typically offer a great deal on shipping then, too!