Season's Greetings Foil Tear-Off Calendar | Peel 'n Stick

General Use Pad

Forget holiday cards — send your contacts something just as beautiful and even more useful! With the perfect amount of eye-catching red foil, this Season’s Greetings calendar is sure to encourage smiles and referrals. Features General Use Pad with a referral page to increase leads.

SKU: C63019GP
$0.25 Each
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    •    Beautiful, full-color card stock cover with eye-catching red foil
    •    14-page calendar features 13 full months, beginning December 2018
    •    Front of page has notes area with before and after months
    •    Referral page between April and May pages increases leads
    •    Backer includes kitchen equivalency chart and password list
    •    Mails for 1 oz. (first class postage)
    •    Adhere your own business card to the solid magnet topper
    •    100% Quality Guaranteed
    •    Non-toxic magnet