Magnetic Calendars: Your most effective marketing piece

The success of your business depends on consistent marketing, but consistency doesn't have to be conventional. Redefine effective marketing and blow away clients and prospects with Magnets USA Calendars — the original tear-off magnetic calendar for real estate professionals. Whether you mail or hand them out, these indispensable marketing pieces are the solution to achieving your long-term marketing goals.

How our calendar magnets will work for you:

  • A full year of marketing at an unbelievably low investment
  • Your brand is in plain view every day
  • Customers can attest — magnetic calendars are a must-have in their marketing plan
  • There's a professionally designed cover for every type of business and personality
  • New to calendar marketing? Learn how easy it is to build and order here.

Current specials:

  • Low December pricing
  • Special prices on envelopes and Instant Impact Inserts

New to calendar marketing? Learn how EASY it is to build a Tear-Off Magnetic Calendar here!

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