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Sports Schedule Magnets

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What's in season?

Why you should recruit clients with magnetic sports schedules

Sports fans are the most devoted and loyal people out there. Whether it's football, basketball, baseball or hockey, every community has a team to support - and a team to hate. If your town has a beloved team, appeal to their passions with sports schedule magnets.

Our schedules:

  • Feature favorite teams, as well as rivalries
  • Are great for mailing, handing our or leaving at local hot spots
  • Can feature high school and college teams
  • Come with FREE personalization when you use our Build-It templates

Disclaimer: Magnets USA is not affiliated in any way with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Football League (NFL) or Major League Baseball (MLB). All team names and schedules are the trademarks of their respective owners who do not sponsor or endorse Magnets USA or its products.

Football Schedules

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Roughly 111 million Americans watch professional football. With football drawing the most die-hard fans, why not give your community what they want?

Why our schedules are a marketing game-changer...

  • We give you the freedom to choose up to six teams to feature, in any order you like
  • Include high school, college and professional teams on the same schedule
  • Personalize your schedule for FREE with our online Build-it tool

Add our optional football-themed Personalized Inserts, Stik-Anywhere adhesive and full mailing services for a truly powerful marketing package.

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Football schedule magnets
Hockey schedule magnets

Hockey Schedules

Together, millions of Americans and Canadians follow a favorite hockey team. Pulling some of the most avid and devoted sports fans in the arena, hockey is a no-brainer for marketing if your community can't stay out of the rink.

Why customers love our hockey schedules...

  • Two die-cut shapes available
  • American and Canadian teams available
  • October through April marketing
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Basketball Schedules

Offer a full season of fun with basketball schedule magnets. Whether you choose a college or professional team, you're giving your fans what they want this basketball season.

Why our basketball schedules are the best...

  • Three die-cut shapes to choose from, including our new basketball shaped college basketball schedule
  • Professional and College schedules available, or send in your own custom team
  • College schedules available in one- or two-team formats
  • October through April marketing
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Basketball schedule magnets
Golf schedule magnets

Golf Schedules

Did you know that more than 12 million men and women watched the PGA tournament's end in 2009? Besides having a huge following, golf also has one of the longest seasons of any sport. Beginning in October and lasting until September of 2015, golf will maximize your marketing dollars.

Why our golf schedules are hole-in-one...

  • Appeal to loyal golf fans
  • Three eye-catching die-cut shapes
  • 10 months of exposure
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Racing Schedules

Ignite your marketing strategy with a racing schedule that fans will be proud to display. Remind clients that you're ready for their business every time they check which station they need to watch. Hurry, before the competition laps you.

Why our racing schedules are superior...

  • Three die-cut shapes to choose from, including house and bump
  • New EDDM® formats are perfect for farming new areas or for handing out
  • Vibrant, unique designs draw attention and admiration
  • February through November marketing
Racing schedule magnets
Baseball schedule magnets

Baseball Schedules

Tap into your clients' favorite pastime with our 2017 Magnetic Baseball Schedules. With fresh designs and all professional teams available, these schedules will send your marketing campaign to the major leagues.

Why our baseball schedules are a home run...

  • EDDM® formats are perfect for farming new areas or for handing out
  • Bright, colorful designs keep these on display all season long
  • March through September marketing

Our Customers get results with Sports Schedule Magnets

customer testimonial
John O.
Holland , OH
"My partner and I having been using the college football schedules featuring the schools in our region with the most interest. Last year we tracked 6 sales directly from this promotion. We have achieved sales and referrals every year we distribute them! With a refrigerator life of over 6 months, it keeps us in front our clients daily. They always are part of our marketing strategy every year!!"
customer testimonial
Cathy H.
Mc Calla , AL
"I used Magnetic High School Football Schedules last year and received several listings. My favorite way to distribute them is giving them to local businesses and people I meet."
customer testimonial
Harry F.
Lafayette , LA
"I have been purchasing Football Schedules from Magnets, USA for three years. I mail and hand deliver them to prospective clients as well as various restaurants and sports grills in our market area. These Schedules have been and are a valuable part of my marketing program that gets results."
customer testimonial
Debbie T.
Elgin , SC
"I mailed my football schedules to a new neighborhood last year and I got three listings from it. Two of them were double sided, and ended up with over $20,000 in income just from sending 500 schedules. "