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Welcome RE/MAX® Agents


An approved RE/MAX supplier for 21 years, Magnets USA is here to make your branding transition smooth and worry-free. Both our RE/MAX sales team and our graphics department have been fully trained on the new corporate guidelines. We are currently updating all our personalization templates to be RE/MAX, LLC®-approved, so you can feel good knowing your marketing is polished, cohesive and compliant. We will continue adding more designs as they are approved by your marketing department.

Pro tip: Once you create an updated business card, you can use that design on any of our magnetic marketing products, like calendars, notepads and sports schedules.

We're here to help:

  • All of our branded personalization templates are RE/MAX, LLC®-approved
  • Our dedicated RE/MAX sales team and graphic designers have been fully trained on the new guidelines
  • The 2018 RE/MAX Tear-Off Magnetic Calendar boldly features the new logo
  • Once you create your updated product, learn how we can mail them to your clients!