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How to create inspiring products that feature you.

Lesson 1

Photo size matters.

For best results, always use a high-resolution image. We recommend 300 dots per inch.

Business cards with photos.

Whether your photo is small, large or tightly cropped, placing it in a simple black frame is a classic look.
Don't forget to update your photo every 2-3 years. (You want your clients to recognize the freshest you!)

Lesson 2

Bleeding isn't bad.

Bleeding means that the image extends to the edge of the design. A full-bleed image extends to all four edges.

The best full-bleed designs have an uncluttered background, creating an ideal space for text.

Business cards with silhouetted photos and full bleed backgrounds.

When using a bleed design, your photo should be slightly larger than the finished product. Remember that part of the image will be trimmed.

Lesson 3

Don't look awkward.

A silhouette is a photo that has had the background removed. It's a great way to distinguish yourself, but beware of photos that could create awkward edges.

Business card with awkward silhouette vs. a good silhouette.

A bad silhouette on the left (straight edges)
vs. a good silhouette on the right (natural edges)

Lesson 4

Love the environment.

An alternative to silhouetting is using an environmental shot. Have your photo taken in front of your favorite setting, like a garden, the beach or your community.

Business card with an environmental shot.

This design option lets your personality shine. Make sure your background isn't too busy, or the text may be hard to read.

More design questions?