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Introducing: Open House Mastery Kit

A Revolutionary System to Qualify, Capture, and Follow-up with Prospects

Transform your open houses into a prospect and referral generating machine with our revolutionary Open House Mastery Kit. Our unique kit has everything you need. Just add gifts. (We can help with that too.)

What's so special about it?

It is a complete system that welcomes visitors into the house, prompts them to complete essential registration paperwork and qualifies them as either current prospects or future prospects.

After the open house, you follow up with prospects by mailing everyone a gift, like a magnetic calendar or notepad. For the most promising prospects, you might choose to personally drop off a gift like a bottle opener or other giveaway.

The gift system is the key. It is a Win-Win for everyone.

Here's how it works:

  1. Our signage welcomes the visitor into the home and guides them in the house.
  2. Visitors are encouraged to register and give feedback on the home with our carefully worded registration forms. A registration collection box is provided to keep forms private.

After the open house...

  1. Add visitors to your master prospect list (unless they came with realtor)
  2. Send handwritten Thank You note with small gift. Calendar, notepads, etc.
  3. Call the best prospects. Personally drop by or send them a more special gift like an Infinity Box & Bottle Opener or Infinity Scraper.
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Here's what comes in the kit:

Cardboard Entry Box, Gift Giveaway Signs, Alternate Signage, Notepads, Multi-purpose Holder, Front Door Signs, Thank You Notecards, Scraper Sample, Registration Survey Sheets, Interior Reminder Signs, Box and Bottle Opener Sample