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Branding with Build-It

Have questions? You've come to the right spot.

Build-It Help Guide

Build-It is our free online tool that allows you to personalize many Magnets USA products to your satisfaction. Simply click the orange "Personalize It" button (located at the bottom right of product page) to begin the personalization process. Many, but not all, Magnets USA products offer the Build-It option. If a product offers Build-It, you can find it under "Personalization Options," as the very first option. Otherwise, it will default to "Professional Design Service." Learn more with our Frequently Asked Questions.

You're going to love how quick and easy Build-It shapes your marketing product into an effective and personalized business branding tool.


How to use Build-It

Step 1

Click the orange "Personalize It" button at the bottom of the product page.

Step 2

Enter your contact information.

Step 3

Upload your photo and logo.

Tip No. 1: Always choose a background when given the option.

Tip No. 2: Refresh the preview window to view your changes.

Magnets USA reserves the right to feature your personal design for promotional purposes, unless indicated otherwise in writing.

What is Build-It? How much does it cost?

Build-It is a FREE program that allows you to create and approve your own proof online by uploading your photo, logo and text into a pre-designed template. Or you may upload your own custom designed artwork to a blank template.

Will I receive another proof by email?

The Build-It proof you create and approve online is your final proof. We will not view or make changes to the proof you submit. We will not email you a proof for approval. Once you create and approve your Build-It proof, your order will go directly to production and print exactly as you approved it.

Will my Build-It proofs be available for future orders?

If you order the same or a similar product in the future, you will be able to use your same exact Build-It proof for your new order. However, some of our products are not currently available in our Build-It software, so you would not be able to reference a previous Build-It proof for these products.

Can I save my proof and come back to finish it later?

Out Build-It software doesn't have the capability of saving the work you have done on a template, so you cannot return to it later.

Can I make changes to my previous Build-It proofs?

We store all proofs created in Build-It as PDF files. Once saved, these files cannot be changed. This means that if you need to change the information from your previous Build-It proof, you will have to create a completely new proof.

Can I change the font style or size on by Build-It proof? Can I make my photo, logo or designation bigger?

The design templates in our Build-It software are pre-set with specific font styles and sizes. These aspects of the proof cannot be changed. Also, the space allowed for the photo, logo and designations cannnot be changed on the Build-It proof.

I don't have a photo/logo. How do I rearrange my text information and eliminate the photo/logo space?

Since the design templates are pre-set, you would not be able to eliminate the space for the photo/logo. If you do not want to include a photo/logo, you will need to select a design template that doesn't contain images.

I want to add designations/QR code to my proof, but I don't see buttons to add designations/QR code. How do I add my designations/QR code?

If the design template you selected didn't have designations/QR code on the sample image, those aspects are not available on that template. You will need to select a template that has designations/QR code on the sample image.

How do I add a background to my proof?

If the design template you selected didn't have a background image/color on the sample image, those aspects are not available on that template. You will need to select a template that has a background image/color on the sample image.

If the design template you selected has a background that can be changed, you will see the "Select Background" button on the left side of the Build-It screen. Click this button to select from the various backgrounds available for that specific template.

I can't get my proof to look the way I want. Is there any way to change the design template?

While you cannot change the design template, you do have the option to use our Professional Design Service on some of our products. If you would prefer to use our Professional Design Service, simply close the Build-It software screen and select "Professional design service" from the drop-down box for personalization. You will be able to provide text information, images and design instructions after you have completed checkout. We will be happy to create a proof and email it to you for approval.

What size does my photo need to be?

Each design template requires a different minimum photo size. You can find out the minimum size for your design template by clicking the "Add Your Photo" button and then "Upload & Crop Your Photo." This will open the "Upload Your Photo" window, which gives the photo specifications as well as width and height requirements.

My photo will not upload. Why not?

Your photo may not meet the requirements given on the Upload Your Photo window, meaning your photo may not be the correct file type, or it may be too large or too small. Make sure that your photo is either a JPG or TIF file and meets the size requirements for your design template. Also, make sure your photo file name doesn't contain any special characters (&, -, *, /) or spaces.

I can't find my company logo in the Approved Logos. How do I add my logo to my proof?

Our Approved Logos bank doesn't contain every company logo we have. We do offer generic company logos for most real estate companies; however, we do not offer office specific logos in the Approved Logos. If you do not see your company or office logo, you will need to contact your office's marketing manager to obtain the logo. Once you have the logo in an acceptable format (EPS, JPEG or TIF), you can upload it to your proof by clicking on Add Logo or Clip Art and then Upload My File.

My office name/email/website is cut off on the proof. How do I fix this?

Your office name/email/website may be too long to fit in the space allowed. Try abbreviating the text to make it fit. Also, if you are using all upper case letters, try using a mix of upper and lower case so the text takes up less space on the proof.

If you have selected a company-specific design template, you generally do not need to include both your company and office name in the text line. Usually with company specific design templates, the company name is already included in the design. You simply need to add your office name. For example: Instead of typing Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in the text line, simply type Residential Brokerage because Coldwell Banker is already included in the logo. (This is not true for EXIT Realty offices. You will need to include both EXIT Realty and your office name in the text box.)

I designed and approved my proof, but cannot add it to my cart. How do I check out with the proof I created?

You will need to enable the cookies on your web browser to be able to add items to your cart. If you are not sure how to do this, see our instructions on enabling cookies.

I am ordering a sports schedule, but the Build-It option says the schedule isn't available. Does that mean I can't use Build-It to create my proof?

You can still use our Build-It software to create and approve your proof online. However, since the schedule for the team you selected hasn't been finalized, the schedule portion of the proof will be blank. We will add the schedule to your proof and begin production of your order once the team has finalized its schedule. You will not receive another proof of your sports schedule if you complete your proof through our Build-It software.

I need a special Aly Key symbol. How to I add these to my proof?

Below are some common symbols and the codes to create them. Simply hold down the ALT key on your keyboard while typing the number to create your symbol. Not all symbols are compatible with all design templates.

• = alt + 0149 é = alt + 130
© = alt + 0169 á = alt + 160
® = alt + 0174 í = alt + 161
™ = alt + 0153 ó = alt + 162
¢ = alt + 0162 ú = alt + 163
ç = alt + 135 ñ = alt + 164
¿ = alt + 168 Ñ = alt + 165
¡ = alt + 173 É = alt + 144